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love never fails
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David Bowie Monologue
I never wanted to be boring. Being boring is something that is not possible of me. I always had this repulsive need to be something more than human, and maybe that’s why I wanted to be a goblin king. Maybe that’s why I wanted to be Ziggy. And maybe even, that’s why I am the thin white Duke. I love re-inventing my image as much as I can, but I am always myself. I just don’t have stylistic loyalty. Maybe that's why people perceive me changing all the time. I may be changing on the outside, but the inside of me is always the same. Maybe I say I’m gay, or bisexual, or try-sexual, but that doesn’t change who I am at the core. All I have to do is stay interesting, even with fame. Fame can take interesting men and thrust mediocrity upon them. I will never let myself become one of those men. I will always keep updating my image and staying true to who I am. You shouldn’t mess with me, I’ll ruin everything you are. I’ll give you images that
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Untitled WIP
Her face when she turned away from me is seared into my mind. All I could see, from when I wake up in the morning to when I fall asleep is her heartbreak.
First rage, the spark in her eyes as the words tumbled past my lips, pushing through her ears towards her heart. Then fear. Her fears that have been shoved down into her tiny mason jar all appeared on her face at once, filling her glorious emerald eyes with liquid turning cloudy from her makeup. I reach for her had but she tears away, swiping it instead across her eyes, dragging the cloudy drops into a black scythe. It cut across her amazing cheekbones and the glitter of that blade was the last I saw of her as she ran to disappear with the crowd.
In that singular moment, the world pushed in on me. Others rushing by brushed against me but no movement came from me. Whistles echoed loudly in my ears, telling me to get walking, get running, do anything but just stand there like a dumbfounded idiot who lose the love that she wanted
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Swimming Pool Eyes
If I were to gaze upon your inscrutable face again I know I will fall. Back into your arms to crack that perfect shell of yours, to make you spill those secrets hidden deep down behind your mask.
I want to analyze your emotions and search your dreams fro all of your wants and desires that you hide from this tough, cruel world.
I am incredulous, you will fall to me and believe in me. Your eyes tell a story that your words do not and when i look into them once again...
Those deep pools of blue and green with the gold fish flecks swimming in them. If I am to gaze into your face again, I will fall.
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Mature content
Blue Moon :iconizzini:izzini 0 0
Metaphysical Representation
Maybe we did this all wrong
Ending and restarting
Ties should maybe be severed by now
A possibility that isn't for you
Placing in your distressed mind
Having distraught feelings of love
Seeing is believing for me
In your case, love is an invisible thread
Cut in half by your traitorous lies
And you don't even seem to care
Love is a game for you
Remember how we used to be?
Everyday an online, wish-in-person, adventure
Please explain to me the faces
Remind me of the face you hide
Even if we are no longer together
Someday, perhaps, I will forgive you
Ending one more scar on my heart
Never mending heart
Torn and tattered, pieces falling
A piece for you, a scratch for him
Taken down for renovations due soon
In between pieces of thread and duct tape
Oh, maybe you tried your best...
No more, it's time to stop
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A Ghostly Fox Heart
Flooding my vision as I look into your eyes, maybe it’s because I can read your pain. While we share the feelings of friendship, and our love can break all of the boundaries, you still feel as if we will break like a little piece of glass. You think we are the top, old, ornament on the tree, falling down, down to the hard cold ground. A shining piece of glass that maybe you don’t want to last. You just want to replace it with a newer, shiner piece. Filled with color and no story. Instead, somebody’s soft, warm hands catch us just before impact, your hands digging into my shoulder blades, as our tears mix into one stream, our mouths screaming how much we love each other.
Those hands pick us up and put us back on, on a stronger branch, a branch that can support us. Those hands are attached to a being that smiles at our faces trapped in the glass. That being sets down the baggage that I used to carry on my shoulders, heavy black bags filled with my past and worries of th
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The Broken Strings Send Their Love
Parking lots have taken my soul
haling the metal box gathering change
distribution of clanging silver
wasting the valuable space for love songs
broken guitars instead lay in the back corners
cigarette butts and fucked up letters
i love neon in all its forms
glowing bright vacancy signs
proclaiming bedbug love
with one night stand and families tired on their feet
broken down cars holding on for one more night
his cigarette smoke drifts in front of it all
grey clouds covering a rainbow array of letters
numbers tiny underneath
and a wicked smile on his face as ashes flick
then strut over to the man with broken guitars
and a collection of parking lot change
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Blue Haired Blues
It’s two thirty in the morning and I can’t get my mind off of you
Even though my hand may have never brushed yours, I can reach for it in my dreams; with your soft feather touch of fingers along the inside of my palm is enough to send my brain into another flurry of thoughts. Racing until I can calm, once again, to picture falling into your eyes. The colorful windows to your complex soul that nobody could ever decipher, not even when given the chance.
It’s nine in the morning and I can’t stop thinking of you
That silly little laugh when you are over the top happy, with a blushing face and squinty eyes. You may not think it’s amazing, but if your smile can light up my world that easily, maybe you should share it more. The pictures I have of you are enough to light up my day, even when tears overcome my extremely masculine face, causing streaky tears down my cheekbones and onto my pale, freckly nose. I want my nose to brush slowly against yours
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Isaac le person by izzini Isaac le person :iconizzini:izzini 1 8
Mature content
Down the Wrong Rabbit Hole :iconizzini:izzini 0 0
Chasing Ghosts
When you chase ghosts
nothing is for certain
perhaps they glanced your way
but their see through soul can
prove otherwise
in a minute
and you will get passed through
with a waterfall feeling to watch
watch that girl find a new love
with your ghost turning out to be
just like
the rest of the skeletons piled high
teetering in a forgotten closet of dreams
where the stars shine is blocked
by white bones
and black decay
following the ghosts into oblivion
seems like such a good idea
but its only the best of us who can look past
past the glistening eyes and
broken tear ducts
to a
golden future where the stars
shine brightly
and the skeletons help pave the way
be careful when chasing ghosts
they may look through you
or at you
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There's something to be said when people want to rattle your bones, clacking their broken beats on your ribs in a fashion so that you can't breathe. Honey my ribs have been crushed enough by this pretend ace bandage, the wannabe that kills with every inhale and exhale. I inhale and dream of you. The good thoughts rush with my blood stream into my beating heart and back out again with memories and magic bringing you in. I exhale and it's all gone with your fading footprints leading me in a wild chase all around town. I watch my vision change from red to blue and back again like a broken pair of 3D glasses that work opposite, letting me run into the far away buildings of home. Your color never shows up on the radar as I wander around in and out of love looking for the perfect being who can help make me whole again.
Green and pink runs a world of black and white where in between is shamed until we feel like a boy and girl again. Don't change what you feel is wrong with you unless it makes
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Tasting your rough lips
Pressing against mine, soft and pink
My fingers wrap in yours,
Any excuse to touch your skin really
Melting into your arms night after night
Daytime running slowly, the clocks broken
Dreams stuck on repeat to that time
Moments when we let ourselves ignore the lies
Tasting the bitter cigarette smoke still trapped
Your mouth opening against mine
Sitting on the park bench with friends
Heartbeats pounding in time
I wish our time could have been longer
Broken watches ticking too fast
Once the light fades, I want you back
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He smiles and I feel the ripples of warmth run over my once cold limbs
Bringing my heart back to life with a weak little thump
Each word pounding against my chest, choking them out
Me: Hi
Him: Heya cutie! Wats up?
Me: Oh not much just thinking about you and the brown curls on your head,
How I want to run my fingers through them again, and again until my hands die
Can I taste your tongue again with the bitter cigarette on it?
Your eyes turn me into liquid I can't help it, honestly, I don't mean to be bothersome
If this love is too much for you to bear then leave me in the dark
Never let me down to the hole of despair that you lead me on
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The Added Y's
I have:
Dad and Daddy
Well, until I want something
Then it's daaadyyyyy
Sounding and looking like a girl
Yeah, the looks, the glances
Believe me I know
But changing this is much too hard
Too much for any councilor
Any one person to fix
I have:
Mom and Mommy
Mom tears down to make me better
Building a whole new her
Even though it's in male form
Mommy patches it all up again
With soft fingers and sweet words
Wiping away my tears and scars
Leaving my skin baby new
Soft and caring, my mommy
Walking off to her class
We share secret stories and teach each other
While mom keeps me locked in my room
Crystal teardrops keeping my company
All light sucked from the room
I have:
Dad and Daddy
They are never around, always working
Keeping their families warm and safe
So I'm always happy with them
Daddy will sing me around
Call me kiddo and laugh at my silliness
Just like Dad used to, when I was just a babe
Daddy smells like the sweet smoke
The man I love smells similar
I have:
Mom and Mommy
When my
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Beautiful Houses
Crystalline tears hold pain of breakups
Hearts caught in the many facets
Pink overrun by red surrounded by blue
Casing the emotions that cloud your vision
Losing the deep passion that kept moving
Making feet walk to work and back
No matter the personal strain
Take a hammer to the broken shards
Prying open so emotions pour into you
Hoping that understanding will bring her life
Crushing your own life force in the backlash
Yellow and gold caught by a setting sunset
Light leaving the ground, leaving you behind
Caught in this lonely world without him
Romeo cheating to be with fake-Juliet
Red rashes spreading on her face
Swollen belly bringing those two closer
Strings being pulled to change the universe
Hearts running together in a molten stream
Pulling into a clean river home
If home is where the heart is,
Then I wish for my arms to pull you home
My fingers building up a house to paint
Color like a children's book with tears
Pain, guilt, hate, stuffed in the kitchen
Tears captured in your c
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Hey yallz 
I know I haven't been posting at all recently. I've been fed up with writing for school. Its all really boring, you don't want to read it. I might post some stuff later, and I will get a lot more active on here during summer I HOPE!!

lately though, I've been drawing a bit. I've been practicing a lot and have actually made another account for my art. It is furry art, I will warn those who don't want to see it. It has a link to my FA for those of you who are wondering. I know its a lot different than writing. But if you want to go over there, I should be a lot more active. I am just starting out though. 

I am
I will be posting art there only that I do. All art that I commission (unless I do trades...?) will be posted on my FA which is linked on that account.
so yeah look for me there. and please still note me! I love to talk!



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hey everybody. im like cheese, i mature and get better every day :D
message me with watever. im down with pretty much anything. yup yup :P
i wud love u so much if ya donateee <3 i wanna make my room so much amazingness <3


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